Hany El Mahallawy

General Manager


No obstacle is an excuse for him to cripple our steps to growth

Omar Soliman

Senior Web Developer

Makhadnahash Fel Kilaas

Solves sophisticated algorithms with simple codes

Heba Anis

HR Manager

Ozbot ya 7amada

Nothing Surprises her, She’s HR

“ Sorry yesterday was the deadline for all complaints”

Sarah Omran

Senior Content Creator

Ya5tchy kda ynf3 w kda ynf3

Blows creativity out of her own bubble

Dalia El Masry

Senior Business Development and Account Manager

Central Almaza

Pleased and Satisfied partners is her business strategy

Aly Mohamed

Account Executive

La tarago3 wala istislam

Believes in Miracles

Malak Shukry

Senior Account Executive

The partners’ spokes person with some sugar coating on top

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Nanor Zohrabian

Social Media Manager

Stalker level el wa7sh

A strong believer in WOM !

Omnia Abdallah

Senior Social Media Specialist

Fl saree3 el moree3

Fearless of deadlines

Mohamed Medhat

Social Media Specialist

Dayman fl 5edma

Always attentive believing that the social media city never sleeps

Mai Borham

Social Media Specialist

El Sunshine

A double agent: an original thinker and a secret photographer

Heba Darweesh

Senior Graphic designer / Art Director

El Mekhalasateya

Inhales Creativity and Exhales Art

Nada Elian

Graphic Designer

Bohemeya bila da3y

Art is her favorite drug

Ahmed Fouad

Senior Editor and Animator

Fido Dido

A night owl that brings visuals to life

Mohannad Shabana

Graphic Designer / Junior Art Director

Ma2darsh a7ibak mat7ebenish

A Complicated man delivering catchy sketches

Khaled Marzouk

Photographer / Videographer

Yalla Soura Dala3

Has a skill of pausing moments making his camera a book of life

Salma AbdelAziz

Senior Media Manager

El bokkk

She knows how to make you famous

Maged EL Husseiny

Digital Media Supervisor

El Samet el 3'amed

Numbers is his language and Money is his mother tongue